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the unchecked power of the leaders of Pentecostal churches

Over the past two decades there’s been an extraordinary build up in charismatic Pentecostal prophets – or males of God as they’re referred to as in Pentecostal parlance. Throughout Africa their unchecked affect has unfold into social, financial and political establishments.

Pentecostalism is one among the fastest-growing strands of Christianity at the continent. In Zimbabwe, as an example, the Prophetic Therapeutic and Deliverance Ministry claims its club rose from 45 to over one million in simply 5 years. It is a important quantity in a rustic with a inhabitants of 16 million. Zimbabwe’s United Circle of relatives Global Church boasts that over 70,000 attend its Sunday products and services.

Charismatic Pentecostal prophets are recognized for main megachurches like those that emphasise faith healing, health and wealth. They continuously attract younger and marginalised contributors of society. Maximum charismatic Pentecostal church buildings have an authoritarian governance structure constructed round their founding prophets – what one historian calls a “personality cult”.

Spiritual leaders are increasingly more depended on in post-colonial African states. A 2017 survey found nearly 75% of grownup Zimbabweans had extra believe in spiritual leaders than elected ones. A 2022 learn about carried out in 34 African countries showed this development: 69% of respondents depended on spiritual leaders; 51% depended on their president. Many fans consider it might be a demotion for a prophet to run for president as a result of a prophet anoints leaders.

As an anthropologist who studies charismatic Pentecostal church buildings, specifically in Zimbabwe, I’ve performed research at the energy exercised by means of prophets.

Like leaders in different spiritual groupings, prophets workout energy and authority via keep watch over and manipulation of various kinds of capital: non secular, symbolic, human, political and financial. Those kinds of capital are as essential for development spiritual communities as they’re for shielding males of God when allegations of sexual abuse or corruption are levelled towards them – as has been noticed within the scandal surrounding famed Nigerian prophet TB Joshua.

Political connections and financial assets can be utilized to intimidate and muzzle sufferers and survivors. Worry of religious retribution or retaliation additionally silences them. Right here I define how that energy is established by means of prophets, their fans and societies.

The prophets

Charismatic Pentecostal church buildings are constructed round prophets who’re considered as possessing particular presents to mediate between humanity and God. The prophet’s word is final. Wondering and doubting this phrase is considered because the satan’s plot – via human brokers – to undermine a person of God’s authority. It’s commonplace follow for charismatic Pentecostal prophets to threaten doubters with everlasting condemnation, diseases or poverty.

Charismatic Pentecostal prophets are standard for his or her talent to heal diseases. They supply another healthcare gadget for the ones whose alternatives are restricted by means of prime prices in underperforming economies like Zimbabwe’s.

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Prophets, within the eyes in their fans, are messiahs saving sections of society. Testimonies of people who find themselves healed or free of evil spirits are publicised by the use of social media and tv channels. This attracts in additional fans and builds additional believe within the prophets.

Large cash

Pentecostal church buildings are financed via donations from contributors. Huge club interprets into substantial price range. However charismatic Pentecostal actions, on the whole, lack transparency and accountability in managing “loose will” donations.

Many charismatic leaders have built megachurches with trade empires in media, hospitality and mining. In most cases, those belongings are registered as the non-public belongings of the prophets or their households.

With huge monetary assets that aren’t taxed, charismatic Pentecostal prophets’ lavish lifestyles function “evidence” of the prosperity gospel they pontificate – that religion draws cash – whilst their fans pool assets to finance church operations.

Regulate of large monetary assets additionally permits prophets to rent most sensible legal professionals or find the money for out-of-court settlements when accused of abuse or corruption.

Political connections

Put up-colonial political leaders in Africa in large part view charismatic Pentecostal prophets as allies. This alliance serves each events.

Pentecostal gatherings are continuously attended by means of massive numbers of other people. Like different spiritual groupings, those numbers may just translate to votes. A number of charismatic Pentecostal Prophets supply sitting and previous presidents with (non secular) recommendation and assistance. In go back, politicians supply prophets with political coverage.

Members of the family with political leaders continuously span several countries, extending the network and influence of prophets past national borders.

As affirmation in their standing, many males of God will imitate politicians by means of travelling in heavily guarded motorcades. Imitation and proximity to political management assist in making prophets “untouchable”.

Allegations of rape, corruption and fraud against prophets can also be leniently handled because of those connections and coverage.

Media empires

Charismatic Pentecostal prophets have an have an effect on at the Africa media panorama via robust tv and social media presence. Regulate and possession of tv channels permits males of God to be extra visual within the public sphere than different clergies. This presence is helping identify credibility, construct believe and disseminate indoctrination.

Those media channels also are areas for shaping and managing the general public symbol of prophets – and can be utilized to counter damaging allegations towards them.


Pentecostal contributors shape a military of foot squaddies who interact in recruiting new fans. In addition they shape the primary line of defence when prophets face grievance. Charismatic Pentecostal communities are tightly knit and coalesce across the males of God.

Members of the family between the clergy and laity are framed round familial bonds, with the prophet because the non secular father or “Daddy”. His fans are little kids. Members of the family between robust non secular fathers who declare ownership in their spiritually susceptible youngsters replicate the wider patriarchal gadget commonplace in maximum African societies.

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The boys of God are epitomes of each non secular and secular authority. Scriptural texts are used to improve familial members of the family: disobeying the prophet is equated to disobeying one’s folks.

So why do charismatic Pentecostals keep in spiritual communities that “disempower” them? Greater than different spiritual groupings, charismatic Pentecostal prophets preside over economies that systemically facilitate the distribution of meals, garments, cash and jobs inside the church – continuously within the type of church donations to contributors regarded as deficient.

In Zimbabwe, this financial system is modelled round an indigenous social welfare gadget referred to as zunde ramambo that’s controlled by means of conventional chiefs. To some degree, charismatic Pentecostal prophets perform the purposes of chiefs who’ve lengthy been answerable for the welfare of the folks beneath them.

For marketers and younger other people with aspirations for a greater long run, church club supplies trade alternatives and connections. Charismatic Pentecostals are obedient to the boys of God for persisted get entry to to purchasers, provider suppliers and mentors inside the church. Many are, subsequently, keen to downplay allegations of abuse levelled towards the clergy.



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