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Should Kenya abolish all school exams? Expert sets out five reasons why they’re still useful

The function of examinations in Kenyan colleges is beneath scrutiny. It’s because there’s a lot this is flawed with the rustic’s examinations, a state of affairs that threatens to derail education gains made over the decades.

For example, for 2 consecutive years – last year and the year before – the classes all through the rustic’s nationwide exam length had been marred by means of allegations of leaked tests. Those allegations are connected to cartels which earn money from folks and rookies.

There have been additionally stories this yr of highschool scholars receiving contradicting results from the examinations effects portal.

Those problems forged doubt at the trustworthiness of the inspecting frame and the ministry of training basically.

In 2017 the federal government got down to exchange summative examinations – nationwide checks finished on the finish of 8 years of number one college and 4 years of highschool – with steady exams. Maximum scholars have moved over to the brand new machine, which revolves round a competency-based curriculum. However 4 extra cohorts of scholars nonetheless have to take a seat the once a year nationwide highschool examinations beneath Kenya’s previous training curriculum. There’s nonetheless so much this is unclear about how the brand new curriculum will assess scholars in secondary college.

As any person who has been involved in education for over 20 years, I imagine that checks are a very powerful. There are 5 primary causes for this, together with highlighting inequalities within the training machine and offering rookies with steering on their occupation trail.

However they wish to be finished proper to be efficient. For any machine to paintings successfully – which Kenya’s doesn’t – this contains converting a state of affairs wherein such a lot will depend on the examination consequence. Different occupation pathways wish to be unfolded in order that youngsters aren’t beneath such large force. Additionally, colleges want good enough staffing and amenities to advertise studying.

Why examinations subject

There are compelling causes to not get rid of examinations.

First, examinations assist determine, perceive and cope with inequalities in get admission to to training. As a basic human right, each kid will have to have the ability to get a high quality training. A constantly low efficiency in examinations will also be a hallmark of personal or social obstacles like gender, geographical place, social elegance, race or ethnicity in a learner’s existence.

2d, examinations assist fortify instructing and studying by means of strengthening instructing strategies. A learner-centred method has better outcomes than a teacher-centred one, which has a tendency to silence rookies’ voices. Checks assist point out which scholars want further assist to strengthen their studying.

3rd, they’re used as a tool for realizing what rookies are studying and its relevance to the rustic’s building objectives. Training is closely linked to the political, social and financial building of a rustic. Examinations check the talents, wisdom and values that scholars pick out up at some stage in an training cycle, and the way smartly the rustic can harness those talents and information to industrialise and for normal building.

Fourth, examinations supply steering for rookies’ private and occupation building within the post-secondary international. This provides tertiary establishments the chance to make a choice appropriate scholars for quite a lot of occupation pathways of their establishments. Alternatively, highschool exam effects aren’t essentially a predictor of student success in tertiary training.

5th, examinations be offering qualifying certification that accounts for a scholar’s time in a studying establishment. This certification presentations that one has effectively finished an training length.

What wishes to modify

However the program must be stepped forward.

Originally, the force must be taken off youngsters sitting ultimate examinations in school. Many applicants write examinations beneath immense force and nervousness as failing a countrywide exam has primary implications at the course their existence takes. For this to modify, Kenya’s training machine must be geared to preparing students to snatch different alternatives of incomes a livelihood past going to school.

Secondly, examinations were given outsized importance as an accountability measure within the training machine, regardless of different elements being at play. Those come with good enough staffing, having educated and motivated lecturers, and offering a just right paintings atmosphere and amenities.

Thirdly, the score of best colleges and rookies in accordance with examination effects must be abolished completely. The federal government formally stopped such rankings in 2014, however the apply persists in different kinds, like in informal media rankings.

Scores advertise elitism and corruption. Colleges which might be ranked “the most productive” are regularly the ones close to city centres, and feature higher instructing amenities than the ones in rural or marginalised spaces. Oldsters who can manage to pay for it may possibly pay bribes to get their youngsters admitted into such colleges, despite the fact that those scholars don’t meet the grades formally required. This crowds out deficient and deserving rookies.

The dangers of ranking schools come with the exclusion of non-performing rookies, compelled repetition of categories and the switch or falling by the wayside of scholars looked as if it would be deficient academically. Scores slim curriculum protection, result in the overlook of alternative sides of training and inspire exam malpractices.

Method ahead

Examinations are considered negatively for various causes. Those come with greater pressure ranges amongst rookies, and human interference within the control and management processes. However they nonetheless play a related function in offering a quantitative measure of a learner’s educational talent. This is helping with figuring out their strengths and weaknesses, which gives an concept of the place to position them in tertiary establishments or in jobs.



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